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A seminar can be a multi-purpose experience.  It can encompass a variety of topics and allow multiple personnel to receive targeted and customized attention while having time to discuss any topic(s). 

We design strategies to teach you how to get more leads, more conversions, more transactions which ultimately produce more profits.  We teach you how to do marketing for the best response, sales training, customer service training and help you become the success you anticipated when you started your business.

These programs may be as intricate as you choose.  Some ideas may include a single day or several days of in house training.  Another program could include actual sales trips to customers to show taught concepts in action. There is also a plan which would allow continuous interaction, with up to 5 sales people, to allow a Business Owner the opportunity to see how the Training is helping the staff. One on one meetings with you, the owner to help you become more efficient, have better control of your business and how to better maximize every opportunity.

The introduction of a quality CS or CC Department has become crucial to every businesses’ success.  Every customer has experienced a decline in this area over the past few decades.  In the current market, the need to have properly trained, engaging people speaking with customers or prospects is more important than ever. Do you know that the person who answers the phone, at your business, can make or break that customer’s decision to come into your store?

We can design and deliver a complete program for as few as one individual or as many as 50, in a group training, where the attendees have the opportunity of time to assure your program is complete and your staff is thoroughly trained.

There are numerous ways to motivate people, in any position, but finding out what motivates them is the most critical part of this concept.  We can do both short and long versions of this campaign and depending on the size of your organization, the impact can be almost immediate.  We design a program exclusively for you and/or your company as an asset to help you achieve your business goals and for your employees to attain theirs.

Many people claim to be able to help your business.  The challenge for you, as a Business Owner, comes in determining who can deliver the goods.  With over 45 years of experience, we can.  What If USA?  can structure a plan to assure you get the most out of each member of your team, improve your advertising, marketing approach, your efficiency, your goals and your future.  All the while working closely with you.

Whether large or small, you are as important as the largest of the large.

There is only one way a company continues to exist and that’s having customers and sales.  The challenges for you as a Business Owner is “What kind of Marketing Should I do?”  Well, guess what?  The answer is simple. It’s every kind!

We know what your company needs to do to be Market Dominant.  Isn’t that what you wanted to be when you started your business?

Is all of your Social Media up to date and interesting to your customer? Crucial. Are your Advertising Campaigns targeted to your best type of customers? Crucial. Is your database of customers/prospects used to the best of its ability? Crucial. And this is only the beginning!

We have numerous strategies to assist you in generating more traffic and make more sales, improve your margins and therefore, make more money. In most cases, the largest reason you may be lacking consistent customers is that not enough people know who you are, where you are and what you do. We fix that.

Is it a big advertisement or a small one?  What are you trying to create with an Ad?  Is it more customers or just to educate your potentials. What should your budget be for this advertising? How can you tell? Companies tend to overthink their advertising. Numerous times we have heard; “I can’t afford any advertising, I have no money or customers!” Sometimes we hear; “I don’t need to advertise, I have more business than I can handle.” Guess what? Both of these scenarios is the BEST time to be advertising. Let us show how and why.

Clients may have the option to advertise on one of 2 upcoming radio shows and podcast. 

At What If USA, we are determined to help. There is nothing wrong with having someone you trust assist you with your business, whether it’s new or established, cash poor or cash rich. Everyone needs help sometimes. We can develop multiple strategies to allow you to be operating on all cylinders, all the time. My favorite question is “What would you like your business to be when it grows up?” That is the question, right?