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I knew at a pretty early age that sales and sales training was something I had some skill sets for, which would bode well for me as I grew up, as well as to help others.

My first real job, while in College, was standing on a street corner in Boston, MA soliciting young woman to help them prepare for their life as a married woman. We sold high-end cookware, china, crystal, cutlery, sewing machines and even stereos and hope chests (look it up they were a thing!). Life was much simpler then and they made appointments with us with none of the fears we deal with today. We would meet with them and demonstrate various products to help them become bettered prepared as a mom. We even discussed how she saw her future in the workforce. It was a pretty aggressive for the time.

It was a great way for them to establish credit and to have everything they would need to start their lives as married. Actually I made a very nice living for over 5 years in that business and learned more about selling and prospecting than anywhere else in my career.

I ran an office in Boston and developed a group of sales people, many of which had never sold anything and we built a successful team by having them come in for interviews with ads in the Boston Globe which could never be run today! Yikes! That was the first time I ever created a Training Regime for sales people and  it worked.

Over the next 35 years, I learned more about engagement and marketing and media and presentations and more and more and more about selling. It has allowed me to excel while helping Business Owners to succeed. Fortunately, it allowed many of the people I trained to excel and in many cases have more success than I had. And companies for which I assisted, they enjoyed learning how to run a business and still enjoy their families.

This is why I started What If USA? This is also why I need to hear from you.

Give me a call or drop me an email to find out more.

Ken Rich
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With a career long involvement in helping companies become more connected to their customers, we are determined to teach that to companies who wish to grow, improve profitability, be more efficient and create more revenues and profits. We are here to help Business Owners become the Dominant player in their Market.

The ability to work with a sales person, by training them more thoroughly and teaching them the steps to the perfect sale or a customer service expert to better understand how to satisfy a customer are two of the most critical parts of your business.

Conceptually, many people are averse to change, but when change doesn’t mean learning something new, just utilizing attributes you already have, that makes it an entirely different task.

What If USA? is about possibilities. Will different and additional training help increase sales? Yes. Can teaching your Customer Service people a better way to engage a customer help minimize complaints and maximize customer appreciation? We are sure of it. Can a totally restructured Marketing Plan give you Market Domination? Absolutely.

For the longest time, the seller was in control of a buy/sell situation. That has truly changed. The internet has changed how people shop, how much info they have when they go to a store and some idea on pricing that now, the buyer is in total control of the situation. That requires a Business Owner to make a 180 degree turn in how they work with these well-educated customers. It also requires a Business Owner to understand that psyche and how to use that to make a new customer.

For my clients, I fix that. I teach all of the methodology required to be able to engage better, ask and answer the correct questions, cover objections, up-sell/cross-sell and ultimately close the sale. I teach how to improve percentages.

Meeting with us to discuss “What IF? USA”, what we find together, can do nothing worse than open your eyes to a new and different way of looking at your business model and engaging with us will assist you in expanding your corporate footprint and making more money. This way you can have a larger impact in your area and re-affirm the reason you started your business.

Thanks for your consideration.